• Avaya IP Office MC VCM 32 V2 Daughter Card

    • Expansion Card: The MC VCM 32 V2 Daughter Card is designed to be installed in the Avaya IP Office control unit.
    • Voice Compression Channels: This card adds support for 32 additional voice compression channels. Voice compression allows for efficient utilization of bandwidth and resources when handling voice calls.
    • Enhanced Capacity: With the addition of this card, the IP Office system can handle a greater number of simultaneous voice calls without compromising on call quality.
    • Compatibility: The card is compatible with the Avaya IP Office phone system and is designed to work seamlessly with other components of the system.
  • Avaya IP Office IP500 Trunk Card PRI Single

    • Daughter Board: The card is installed on the IP500 base card of the Avaya IP Office system.
    • PRI Trunk Port: It provides 1 PRI trunk port for connecting to the PRI lines from the service provider. This connection is made via port 9 of the host IP500 base card.
    • PRI Modes Supported:
      • T1 Robbed Bit: 24B channels per port.
      • T1 PRI: 23B+D channels per port.
      • E1 PRI: 30B+D channels per port.
      • E1R2 PRI: 30B channels per port.
    • Initial B-Channels: The card initially supports 8 unlicensed B-channels.
    • Additional Channels: Additional channels beyond the initial 8 are activated through IP500 Universal PRI licenses.
    • Maximum Cards: Up to 4 of these PRI Single cards can be used per IP500 control unit.


    • The card is compatible with various other Avaya IP500 expansion modules:
      • IP500 Digital Station 8
      • IP500 VCM 32/64 (Voice Compression Modules)
      • IP500 Analog Phone 2/8
    • It is compatible with Avaya IP Office version R4.1 or higher.
  • Avaya IP Office IP500 Phone 2 Extension Card

    • Analog Telephone Compatibility: The card provides 12 RJ45 ports. The first 2 ports are specifically designed for connecting analog telephones. This allows you to integrate analog phones into your IP Office system, providing flexibility for various types of phones.
    • Trunk Interface Compatibility: In addition to the analog extension ports, the card can also be fitted with an IP500 trunk interface card. This interface card uses an additional 4 ports for connections. Trunk interfaces are used to connect the phone system to external lines, such as PSTN lines or ISDN lines.
    • Expansion for IP500 Control Unit: The card is compatible with the IP500 control unit, which is the central component of the Avaya IP Office system. The IP500 control unit provides the processing power and connections for the various components of the system.

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