• RAPOO C200 WEBCAM HD 720p – 19880

    • 720p Full HD Resolution: The webcam offers a 720p high-definition resolution, ensuring that your video appears clear and detailed during video calls, conferences, and online meetings.
    • Ultra-Wide Angle: The webcam features an ultra-wide-angle lens, allowing it to capture a broader field of view. This wider perspective is especially useful for group calls, collaborative work, and presentations.
    • Omnidirectional Noise-Reduction Microphone: Equipped with an omnidirectional microphone featuring noise-reduction technology, the webcam ensures that your voice is captured clearly and accurately during voice chats and video calls. This feature enhances the overall audio quality of your communications.
    • 360 Degrees Horizontal Rotation: The webcam offers a 360-degree horizontal rotation capability, allowing you to adjust the viewing angle freely. This flexibility ensures that you can find the optimal angle for your video communication setup.
    • Adjustable Base: The webcam comes with an adjustable base that allows you to position it at the desired angle. This feature enables you to set up the webcam on various surfaces while maintaining stability.
  • Rapoo C280 2K HD Webcam – 19990

    • Video Resolution: FHD 1440p: The webcam offers a Full HD (FHD) video resolution of 1440p. This high resolution ensures that your video is clear, sharp, and detailed, making it suitable for professional communication and content creation.
    • Dual Microphone for Noise Reduction: The webcam features dual microphones with noise reduction capabilities. This helps in capturing clear and accurate audio by reducing background noise and improving voice clarity.
    • Plug and Play: The webcam is designed for hassle-free setup. It supports plug-and-play functionality, which means you can simply connect it to your computer’s USB port and start using it without the need for additional drivers or software installations.
    • Frame Rate: 30fps: The webcam supports a smooth frame rate of 30 frames per second (fps). This ensures that your video appears fluid and natural during video calls and recordings.
    • Field of View of Lens: 85 Degrees: The webcam’s lens offers a wide field of view of 85 degrees. This wide-angle perspective allows you to capture a larger portion of your surroundings and is particularly useful for group calls and presentations.
    • USB Cable Length: 146cm: The included USB cable has a length of 146cm, providing you with flexibility in terms of webcam placement and connection to your computer.
  • RAPOO C260 WEBCAM 1080p FULL HD – 19847

    • 1080p Sharp and Clear Images: The webcam provides 1080p resolution for capturing sharp and clear video images. It intelligently adjusts frame rate and resolution based on ambient lighting conditions to ensure optimal video quality.
    • Built-in Omnidirectional Microphone: The webcam comes equipped with an omnidirectional microphone that captures sound from all directions. This results in purer and clearer audio quality during voice chats and video calls.
    • Wide-Angle Lens: With a 95° super wide-angle lens, the webcam captures a broader view of the surroundings. This allows for more viewing details within the frame.
    • Flexible Rotation: The webcam offers 360° horizontal rotation, allowing users to freely adjust the camera’s angle both vertically and horizontally. This flexibility ensures that you can find the best camera position for your needs.
    • USB Plug and Play: Setting up the webcam is hassle-free with its USB plug-and-play functionality. No additional drivers are needed for installation. It is compatible with most current operating systems, making it easy to use.

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