Ubiquiti USW-16-POE UniFi Switch 16 PoE


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  • Ports: It includes sixteen Gigabit Ethernet ports, out of which eight are auto-sensing 802.3at PoE+ ports, and there are also two SFP ports.
  • PoE Support: The switch provides Gigabit PoE links to your RJ45 Ethernet devices, which means it can power compatible devices over the Ethernet cables. This can be useful for devices like IP cameras, phones, or access points.
  • Fiber Uplink: The switch offers Gigabit fiber uplink options to connect to your enterprise network using SFP (Small Form-factor Pluggable) ports. Fiber connections are often used for longer-distance and high-speed links.
  • 1.3″ Touch LCM: It features a 1.3-inch touch LCM (Liquid Crystal Module) to provide status information, making it easier to monitor the switch’s status and configurations.
  • Compact Design: The switch has a compact and fanless design with a depth of 7.9 inches, making it suitable for installation in a Small Office/Home Office (SOHO) rack cabinet.
  • Management: It can be managed and configured by the UniFi Network Controller and also offers UniFi mobile app support. This means you can configure and monitor the switch remotely using a graphical user interface.
  • Layer 2 Switching: The switch supports advanced Layer 2 switching protocols and features. It allows you to configure different operation modes (switching, mirroring, or aggregation) per port, giving you flexibility in how you use the switch.
  • UniFi Network Controller: The switch is managed by the UniFi Network Controller, and it requires version 5.11.27 or higher of the controller software.
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Ubiquiti USW-16-POE UniFi Switch 16 PoE: Powering Your Network with Precision

Elevate your network infrastructure with the Ubiquiti USW-16-POE UniFi Switch 16 PoE, a high-performance switch designed to meet the demands of modern connectivity.

Key Features:

  • Compact and Versatile Design:
    • Dimensions (Without Rackmount Brackets): 424.4 x 200 x 43.7 mm (16.71 x 7.87 x 1.72 inches)
    • Weight (With Rackmount Brackets): 2.80 kg (6.17 lb)
    • Weight (Without Rackmount Brackets): 2.89 kg (6.37 lb)
  • Networking Interfaces:
    • Management:
      • 16 x 10/100/1000 RJ45 Ports
      • 2 x 1G SFP Ethernet Ports
  • Powerful Performance:
    • Power Method: 100-240VAC, 50-60 Hz, Universal Input
    • Power Supply: AC/DC, Internal, 60W
    • Supported Voltage Range: 100 to 240VAC
    • Max. Power Consumption (Excluding PoE Output): 18W
  • Intuitive LED Indicators:
    • System
    • RJ45 Data Ports
    • SFP Data Ports
    • Status
    • PoE: Speed/Link/Activity, Link/Activity
  • Certified Protection and Reliability:
    • ESD/EMP Protection:
      • Air: + 16 kV
      • Contact: + 12 kV
    • Shock and Vibration: Complies with ETSI300-019-1.4 Standard
  • Adaptable Operating Conditions:
    • Operating Temperature: -5 to 40°C (23 to 104°F)
    • Operating Humidity: 10 to 90% Non-condensing
  • Certifications:
    • CE, FCC, IC
  • Advanced PoE Capabilities:
    • PoE Interfaces: Ports 1-8
    • POE+ IEEE 802.3af/at, (pins 1, 2+; 3, 6-)
    • Max. PoE Wattage per Port by PSE:
      • 802.3at: 32W
    • Voltage Range 802.3af Mode: 44-57V
    • Voltage Range 802.3at Mode: 50-57V

Efficient Networking, Effortless Management: The Ubiquiti USW-16-POE UniFi Switch 16 PoE is engineered for seamless networking. With 16 RJ45 ports and 2 SFP Ethernet ports, manage your network effortlessly, whether you’re connecting devices in a small office or a home environment.

Certified for Reliability: Ubiquiti USW-16-POE UniFi Switch 16 PoE Certified by CE, FCC, and IC, this switch adheres to international standards, offering reliability and performance that you can trust. The robust ESD/EMP protection further ensures the longevity of your network infrastructure.

Designed for Every Environment: Operating flawlessly in diverse conditions, from -5 to 40°C and 10 to 90% non-condensing humidity, this switch adapts to your environment, providing consistent performance.

Powerful and Versatile: Ubiquiti USW-16-POE UniFi Switch 16 PoE With advanced PoE capabilities on Ports 1-8, this switch caters to a variety of networking needs, making it a versatile choice for your network setup.

Ubiquiti USW-16-POE UniFi Switch 16 PoE

Ubiquiti USW-16-POE UniFi Switch 16 PoE

Elevate your network capabilities with the Ubiquiti USW-16-POE UniFi Switch 16 PoE. Whether you’re a business, enthusiast, or educational institution, this switch ensures your network operates at its best. Invest in precision, power, and efficiency today!

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