Ubiquiti ER-12 EdgeRouter 12 Switch


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  • The EdgeRouter 12 offers increased performance over previous generation routers.
  • It delivers up to 3.4 million packets per second (pps) for 64-byte packets, indicating its high-speed capabilities.


  • (10) Gigabit RJ45 Ports: These ports provide copper connectivity for your network devices.
  • (2) SFP Ports: These ports offer fiber connectivity options for your network.

PoE Flexibility:

  • The EdgeRouter 12 supports PoE (Power over Ethernet) flexibility, which allows you to power compatible devices through the network cable.

Layer 2 Switching:

  • The router supports Layer-2 switching, which means it can operate as a switch at the data link layer, allowing for efficient and fast data forwarding between devices on the same network.


  • Configuration of the EdgeRouter 12 can be done using either EdgeOS or UISP (UniFi Network).
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Unleash Seamless Connectivity with Ubiquiti ER-12 EdgeRouter 12 Switch

Elevate your network infrastructure with the Ubiquiti ER-12 EdgeRouter 12 Switch, a powerful networking solution designed for optimal performance and versatility. Dive into the key features and specifications that make this switch a game-changer:

Compact Dimensions, Sturdy Build: With dimensions measuring 268.1 x 136.5 x 31.1 mm (10.55 x 5.37 x 1.22″) and a weight of 700 g (1.54 lb), the EdgeRouter 12 boasts a compact form factor while maintaining a robust build for enduring performance.

Efficient Power Management: Ubiquiti ER-12 EdgeRouter 12 Switch Experience efficient power utilization with a maximum power consumption of 20W (excluding PoE output). The switch supports various power methods, including an external AC/DC power adapter (24V, 1A) and 24V Passive PoE. The Passive PoE voltage range allows DC/PoE passthrough at 20W (24V).

Powerful Processor and Memory: Ubiquiti ER-12 EdgeRouter 12 Switch Fueling the switch’s capabilities is a 4-Core 1 GHz MIPS64 processor, coupled with 1 GB DDR3 RAM. The on-board 4 GB eMMC and 8 MB SPI NOR flash storage ensure seamless operation and storage of essential configurations.

Robust ESD/EMP Protection: Benefit from enhanced protection with ESD/EMP safeguards, providing ± 24 kV protection in both air and contact scenarios.

Versatile Interfaces: The EdgeRouter 12 offers a diverse range of interfaces, including (1) RJ45 Serial Port, (10) Ethernet Ports (Default Port 0), (2) 1 Gbps SFP Ports, and more. Notably, Port 0 supports PoE IN, while Port 9 supports PoE OUT, adding flexibility to your network setup.

Operating Conditions and Certifications: Operate seamlessly in diverse conditions with an operating temperature range of -10 to 50°C (14 to 122°F) and operating humidity of 10 – 90% non-condensing. The EdgeRouter 12 holds certifications for CE, FCC, and IC, ensuring compliance with industry standards.

Advanced PoE Capabilities: Unlock advanced Power over Ethernet (PoE) functionality with PoE interfaces supporting both input and output. The Passive PoE Max. Wattage per Port is 20W (24V, 0.83A), and the switch facilitates DC/PoE passthrough for enhanced convenience.

Ubiquiti ER-12 EdgeRouter 12 Switch

Ubiquiti ER-12 EdgeRouter 12 Switch

Empower your network with the Ubiquiti ER-12 EdgeRouter 12 Switch, a reliable and efficient solution for businesses seeking top-notch networking performance. Invest in a seamless and powerful networking experience tailored to your unique requirements.

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