Synology DiskStation DS718


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  • Powerful Quad-Core Processor: The DS718+ is equipped with a quad-core processor, providing excellent file transfer speeds for efficient data management.
  • Hardware Encryption Engine (AES-NI): It features an AES-NI hardware encryption engine, enhancing data security by accelerating encryption processes.
  • Scalability: The DS718+ can be expanded by up to 7 drives with the Synology Expansion Unit DX517, allowing for significant storage capacity expansion.
  • 4K/1080p Video Transcoding: This NAS device supports real-time 4K/1080p video transcoding, making it ideal for storing and streaming ultra-high-definition media content.

Synology DiskStation DS718

Introducing the Synology DiskStation DS718, a powerful NAS solution designed to elevate your data management experience. Equipped with a robust quad-core processor, this device ensures exceptional file transfer speeds, optimizing your workflow for efficient data handling.

Enhanced Data Security: Featuring a dedicated AES-NI hardware encryption engine, the DS718+ takes data security to the next level by accelerating encryption processes. Your sensitive information remains protected, providing peace of mind in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Flexible Storage Expansion: Synology DiskStation DS718 With scalability in mind, the DS718+ supports expansion by up to 7 drives through the Synology Expansion Unit DX517. This capability allows for significant storage capacity expansion, ensuring your NAS grows alongside your data needs.

Seamless 4K/1080p Video Transcoding: Unlock the potential for immersive media experiences with real-time 4K/1080p video transcoding. The DS718+ seamlessly stores and streams ultra-high-definition content, making it the perfect solution for media enthusiasts and content creators.

Reliable Performance: Driven by a powerful quad-core processor, the DS718+ delivers reliable and consistent performance. Whether you’re handling large files, multitasking, or running applications, this NAS is up to the task, ensuring a smooth and responsive user experience.

User-Friendly Design: Synology’s commitment to user-friendly design is evident in the DS718+. With intuitive controls and straightforward setup processes, even users with limited technical expertise can harness the full power of this NAS.

Comprehensive Data Management: From secure file storage to efficient data transfer, the DS718+ caters to a wide range of data management needs. With its hardware encryption engine, scalability options, and transcoding capabilities, it’s a versatile solution for businesses and individuals alike.

Future-Proof Storage Solution: Designed to adapt to your evolving storage requirements, the DS718+ provides a future-proof solution that can grow with your data. Its compatibility with the Synology Expansion Unit DX517 ensures that your storage can expand seamlessly as your needs increase.

Synology DiskStation DS718

Synology DiskStation DS718

Elevate your data management capabilities with the Synology DiskStation DS718. Experience the perfect blend of performance, security, and flexibility in a single NAS solution. Embrace the future of data storage with Synology’s innovative technology.

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