IBM System X3550 M4 8BAY 2.5″


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Condition : Used/Refurbished

Processor Configuration:

  • The server is equipped with Intel Xeon multicore processors.
  • These processors are designed to provide high processing power for a wide range of tasks and applications.
  • The processors support internal processing speeds of up to 3.3 GHz, ensuring efficient performance.

Memory Operations:

  • The processors support processing operations to memory at speeds of up to 1600 MHz.
  • This indicates that the server can efficiently process and transfer data between the processors and memory modules.


  • Width: 429 mm (16.9 in.)
  • Depth: 734 mm (28.9 in.)
  • These dimensions provide insight into the physical size of the server, helping to assess its suitability for specific rack configurations or installation environments.


IBM System X3550 M4 8BAY 2.5″

🚀 Unlock Boundless Potential with the IBM System X3550 M4 8BAY 2.5″ Server!

🛒 Condition: Used/Refurbished

💡 Powerful Processing: Equipped with Intel Xeon multicore processors, this server is designed to deliver high processing power for a wide array of tasks and applications. With support for internal processing speeds of up to 3.3 GHz, it guarantees efficient performance, no matter the workload.

🚀 Swift Memory Operations: These processors support memory operations at speeds of up to 1600 MHz. This means the server efficiently processes and transfers data between processors and memory modules, ensuring your operations run smoothly.

📏 Perfectly Sized: With dimensions of 429 mm in width and 734 mm in depth, this server fits perfectly into standard rack-mount configurations. Whether in a data center or other installation environments, this compact size ensures space optimization.

💼 High-Performance Computing: The System x3550 M4 is tailor-made for high-performance computing. It’s your go-to solution for a variety of business and data center applications. The potent combination of Intel Xeon processors and high-speed memory operations enables it to tackle even the most demanding workloads with ease.

📦 Versatile and Space-Saving: Thanks to its standard rack-mount form factor, this server is perfect for space optimization, a crucial factor in data center deployments.

IBM System X3550 M4 8BAY 2.5"

IBM System X3550 M4 8BAY 2.5″

Don’t miss out on powerful processing, swift memory operations, and space optimization. Elevate your business with the IBM System X3550 M4 8BAY 2.5″ Server. It’s time for your business to reach new heights!

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