HPE MSA 2062 16Gb FC SFF Strg -R0Q80A


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HPE MSA 2062 16Gb FC SFF Strg -R0Q80A

Elevate your storage capabilities with the HPE MSA 2062 16Gb FC SFF Storage – R0Q80A, a robust solution designed for small to medium-sized businesses. Packed with advanced features, affordability, and flexibility, this storage solution ensures seamless application acceleration and efficient data management.

Key Features:

  1. Affordable Application Acceleration:
    • The HPE MSA 2062 16Gb FC SFF Strg -R0Q80A delivers over 325,000 IOPS, providing cost-effective application acceleration tailored for small to medium-sized businesses.
  2. Special Offer: Save 32% on HPE MSA 2062:
    • This exclusive offer includes all-inclusive software and a generous 3.84 TB of Solid State Drive (SSD) capacity, enhancing storage capabilities at a reduced cost.
  3. MSA’s ‘Set and Forget’ Data Services:
    • Experience hassle-free installation, usage, and maintenance with MSA’s ‘Set and Forget’ Data Services. The intuitive Storage Management Utility ensures user-friendly operation, even for IT generalists.
  4. Automated Tiering Engine:
    • HPE MSA 2062 16Gb FC SFF Strg -R0Q80A Benefit from the automated tiering engine that dynamically responds to workload changes. This feature ensures that crucial data is automatically moved to the fastest media in real-time, optimizing performance.
  5. Leverage Data Protection Features:
    • Enjoy advanced data protection with virtualized snapshot technology for instant recovery. Enable remote replication via Fibre Channel (FC) or iSCSI for an affordable disaster recovery solution. Encrypted SSDs and HDDs with local key management offer a secure, encrypted hybrid flash array.
  6. Flexible, Modular Architecture:
    • The HPE MSA 2062 16Gb FC SFF Strg -R0Q80A supports a flexible and modular architecture, accommodating a mixture of 3.5-inch LFF and 2.5-inch SFF 2060 expansion drive enclosures. Start with a small configuration and scale as needed, incorporating any combination of SSDs, Enterprise SAS, or MidLine SAS HDDs.
  7. HPE MSA 2060 SFF Chassis:
    • Included components:
      • (2) 4-port 16Gb Fibre Channel Controllers
      • (2) 1.92 TB SFF RI SSDs
      • Advanced Data Services license
HPE MSA 2062 16Gb FC SFF Strg -R0Q80A

HPE MSA 2062 16Gb FC SFF Strg -R0Q80A

Upgrade your storage infrastructure with the HPE MSA 2062 16Gb FC SFF Strg -R0Q80A, combining performance, affordability, and scalability to meet the dynamic storage needs of your business. Invest in the future of storage solutions with the HPE MSA 2062 16Gb FC SFF Strg -R0Q80A.

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