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Condition : Used/Refurbished

  • Bays: 12 bays
  • Drive Compatibility: SATA/SAS drives
  • Caddy: Without caddy
  • Fiber Channel Module: 4GB Fiber Channel Module
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HP MSA 60 Server

Introducing the HP MSA 60 Server:

🌐 Versatile Storage Solution: The HP MSA 60 Server is a powerful storage system with 12 drive bays, offering exceptional storage capacity for your data needs. It’s compatible with both SATA and SAS drives, providing flexibility to meet various storage requirements.

🔌 High-Speed Connectivity: With a 4GB Fiber Channel Module, this server ensures fast data transfer and efficient performance. Whether you need to store important business data or handle large media files, the MSA 60 is up to the task.

💼 Simplified Design: The MSA 60 doesn’t come with caddies, making it a straightforward and cost-effective solution for your storage needs. Its design is focused on efficiency and practicality.

🏢 Business-Ready: Whether you’re a small business, branch office, or an educational institution, the HP MSA 60 Server is an ideal choice to meet your storage demands. It offers reliability and scalability for growing data requirements.

📈 Performance: With the ability to accommodate both SATA and SAS drives, you can configure the server to optimize performance, ensuring that your data operations run smoothly.

HP MSA 60 Server

HP MSA 60 Server

Upgrade your storage infrastructure with the HP MSA 60 Server and experience the benefits of high-capacity storage, high-speed connectivity, and a simplified design.

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