Hilook NVR-104MH-D-4P 4 channel NVR

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  • Camera Support: This NVR can support up to 4 HiLook Hikvision IP cameras.
  • Plug and Play: It’s designed for ease of use and offers a plug-and-play setup. It includes integrated 4-port PoE (Power over Ethernet) switches, which simplifies the connection of IP cameras. This means you can power and transmit data to your cameras through a single Ethernet cable, making setup quick and easy.
  • Third-Party Camera Support: It also supports third-party Qtron network cameras, providing some flexibility in camera choice.
  • Storage: Please note that hard drives are sold separately, and they can be installed in the NVR at the time of purchase. This allows you to choose the storage capacity that suits your needs.
  • Connectivity: The NVR offers connectivity to various devices, including Windows and Mac computers, as well as mobile devices such as iPhones and Android smartphones. You can remotely access your surveillance system through dedicated apps.
  • Bandwidth: The NVR has a generous bandwidth of 60Mbps, which should be sufficient for handling the data from up to 4 cameras.
  • Hik-connect App: It mentions that the NVR uses the popular Hik-connect app for remote access and monitoring. This app allows you to view your cameras and manage your NVR remotely.
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Hilook NVR-104MH-D-4P 4 channel NVR

Elevate your surveillance capabilities with the Hilook NVR-104MH-D-4P 4 channel NVR, a 4-channel Network Video Recorder (NVR) meticulously designed for advanced video surveillance systems. Unveil a new era of security with key specifications and features that set this NVR apart:

Versatile Video Input and Transmission: Hilook NVR-104MH-D-4P 4 channel NVR Connect seamlessly to third-party network cameras, offering unparalleled flexibility in camera selection. This NVR supports up to 4 network cameras simultaneously, ensuring comprehensive coverage.

Efficient Compression and Recording: Hilook NVR-104MH-D-4P 4 channel NVR Employing cutting-edge H.265+/H.265 compression technology, this NVR optimizes storage space and costs while delivering high-quality video. Enjoy full-channel recording at up to 4 MP resolution, capturing clear and detailed footage.

HD Video Output for Enhanced Visibility: Experience superior live viewing with HDMI and VGA outputs at 1080p resolution. Connect the NVR to HD monitors or TVs for crystal-clear visuals, enhancing your monitoring capabilities.

Ample Storage and Playback Options: Store your video footage on a SATA hard disk with a generous capacity of up to 6TB, ensuring extensive storage for your recordings. Benefit from playback capabilities, reviewing recorded video effortlessly. Playback one channel at 4 MP resolution or two channels at 1080p resolution.

Intelligent Smart Functions: Unlock smart features such as line crossing and intrusion detection, triggering alerts upon specified area breaches. The smart search function facilitates quick event location in recorded video, streamlining your playback efficiency.

User-Friendly Setup: Simplify camera configuration with one-key operation. This NVR automatically searches for, modifies, and adds IP cameras after device activation, ensuring a hassle-free setup process.

Hilook NVR-104MH-D-4P 4 channel NVR

Hilook NVR-104MH-D-4P 4 channel NVR

Trust the Hilook NVR-104MH-D-4P to redefine your surveillance experience, combining advanced features with user-friendly design. Optimize security with this powerful 4-channel NVR that sets new standards in the world of video surveillance. Choose Hilook NVR-104MH-D-4P 4 channel NVR for reliable solutions that prioritize both performance and simplicity.

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