FortiGate (FG-60F-BDL-950-12) Hardware plus 1 Year


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  • Facilitates SD-WAN Orchestration with an intuitive and simplified workflow for centralized management and the provisioning of business policies with ease.
  • Supports expedited deployment through Zero Touch Provisioning, making it suitable for large and distributed infrastructure.
  • Automates VPN tunnel setup, allowing flexible hub-to-spoke and full-mesh deployments at scale, which provides bandwidth aggregation and secure encrypted WAN paths.
  • Offers predefined compliance checklists to analyze deployments and highlight best practices for improving overall security posture.

Security Features:

  • Deep Inspection: The appliance can identify thousands of applications within network traffic, allowing for deep inspection and granular policy enforcement.
  • Malware Protection: It protects against malware, exploits, and malicious websites, both in encrypted and non-encrypted traffic.
  • Threat Detection: The appliance prevents and detects known attacks using continuous threat intelligence from AI-powered FortiGuard Labs security services.
  • Advanced Threat Blocking: It can proactively block unknown sophisticated attacks in real-time, thanks to integration with the Fortinet Security Fabric and the AI-powered FortiSandbox.
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FortiGate (FG-60F-BDL-950-12) Hardware plus 1 Year: Elevate Your Network Security

Experience a new standard in network security with the FortiGate (FG-60F-BDL-950-12) Hardware plus 1 Year, a hardware solution bundled with 1 Year of comprehensive protection.

Advanced Security Features:

  • FortiGate (FG-60F-BDL-950-12) Hardware plus 1 Year Deep Inspection: Uncover the potential of your network traffic with the ability to identify thousands of applications, ensuring deep inspection and precise policy enforcement.
  • FortiGate (FG-60F-BDL-950-12) Hardware plus 1 Year Malware Protection: Safeguard your network against a spectrum of security threats, including malware, exploits, and malicious websites, across both encrypted and non-encrypted traffic.
  • FortiGate (FG-60F-BDL-950-12) Hardware plus 1 Year Threat Detection: Stay one step ahead by preventing and detecting known attacks, courtesy of continuous threat intelligence from the renowned AI-powered FortiGuard Labs security services.
  • FortiGate (FG-60F-BDL-950-12) Hardware plus 1 Year Advanced Threat Blocking: Proactively block unknown sophisticated attacks in real-time with seamless integration into the Fortinet Security Fabric and the AI-powered FortiSandbox.

Top-Tier Performance:

  • Security Processors (SPU): This appliance is engineered for innovation, featuring purpose-built security processors (SPU) that deliver industry-leading threat protection performance with ultra-low latency.
  • SSL Encrypted Traffic: Experience unparalleled performance and protection for SSL encrypted traffic, including deep inspection of TLS 1.3 encrypted traffic.

Trusted Certifications:

  • Independently Tested: Rest assured with rigorous independent testing and validation for both security effectiveness and performance.
  • Reputable Certifications: The appliance has earned certifications from distinguished third-party organizations, including NSS Labs, ICSA, Virus Bulletin, and AV Comparatives.

Networking Excellence:

  • Dynamic Path Selection: Ensure a superior application experience with support for dynamic path selection over any WAN transport, leveraging self-healing SD-WAN capabilities.
  • Advanced Routing: The appliance boasts built-in advanced routing capabilities, including scalable VPN, multicast, and IPv4/IPv6 forwarding, all powered by purpose-built network processors.

Effortless Management:

  • SD-WAN Orchestration: Simplify network management with an intuitive and streamlined workflow, ensuring centralized management and efficient provisioning of business policies through SD-WAN orchestration.
  • FortiGate (FG-60F-BDL-950-12) Hardware plus 1 Year Zero Touch Provisioning: Expedite deployment with zero-touch provisioning, making it ideal for large and distributed infrastructures.
  • Automated VPN Tunnels: Establish automated VPN tunnels for flexible hub-to-spoke and full-mesh deployments at scale, providing bandwidth aggregation and encrypted WAN paths.
  • Compliance Checklists: Enhance overall security posture with predefined compliance checklists, offering in-depth analysis and highlighting best practices for deployment.

Seamless Security Fabric Integration:

  • Broad Visibility: Enable Fortinet and Fabric-ready partners’ products to provide broader visibility, integrated end-to-end detection, threat intelligence sharing, and automated remediation.
  • Network Topology Visualization: Gain insights into your network with automated Network Topology visualizations, facilitating the discovery of IoT devices and complete visibility into connected Fortinet and Fabric-ready partner products.
FortiGate (FG-60F-BDL-950-12) Hardware plus 1 Year

FortiGate (FG-60F-BDL-950-12) Hardware plus 1 Year

FortiGate (FG-60F-BDL-950-12) Hardware plus 1 Year – Setting a new benchmark for network security. Elevate your defenses, streamline management, and embrace a secure digital future.

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