FortiGate FG-100E-BDL-950-12 Hardware Firewall

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Features & Specifications:

  • FortiGate 100-200 series appliances are powered by cutting-edge security processors, providing high firewall throughput and multiple integrated 1 GE ports.
  • Includes a Hardware Unit, 24×7 Comprehensive Support, Advanced Hardware Replacement, and a range of essential services.
  • The FortiGate-100E offers 22 x GE RJ45 ports and impressive firewall throughput.
  • Dimensions (in): 1.75 x 17 x 10 | Weight (lbs): 7.28

FortiGate FG-100E-BDL-950-12 Hardware Firewall

Introducing the FortiGate FG-100E-BDL-950-12 Hardware Firewall – Your Ultimate Network Guardian


Identify thousands of applications within network traffic for deep inspection and precise policy enforcement.

Safeguard against malware, exploits, and malicious websites, whether data is encrypted or not.

Employ dynamic analysis to detect and automatically mitigate unknown threats.


Boasts industry-leading threat protection performance with ultra-low latency, thanks to a purpose-built security processor (SPU) technology.

Provides top-tier performance and security for SSL-encrypted traffic.


Independently tested and validated for the highest security effectiveness and performance.

Earned prestigious third-party certifications from NSS Labs, ICSA, Virus Bulletin, and AV Comparatives.


Combines extensive routing, switching, wireless control, and high-performance IPsec VPN capabilities for seamless networking and security integration.

Supports flexible deployments such as Next-Generation Firewall and Secure SD-WAN.


Enjoy a single pane of glass with a Network Operations Center (NOC) view, offering 360° visibility to swiftly identify and address issues.

Utilize a predefined compliance checklist for improved security posture.

Security Fabric:

Collaborate with Fortinet and Fabric-ready partners to achieve end-to-end security across your entire network.

Automatically generate Network Topology visualizations to discover IoT devices and enhance visibility.

Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) Capabilities:

The FortiGate FG-100E-BDL-950-12 Hardware Firewall series is equipped with advanced firewall capabilities that go beyond traditional firewall functionalities. It can inspect and filter traffic based on application, content, and user, providing granular control over network activities.

Security Processor Powered Performance:

These appliances are powered by security processors that enable high-performance security processing. This ensures that the network’s security functions do not degrade network performance, allowing for efficient traffic inspection and threat detection.

Security Efficacy:

The FortiGate 100E series is designed to effectively protect against cyber threats. It incorporates a range of security features such as intrusion prevention, antivirus, web filtering, and more to detect and mitigate various types of threats.

Deep Visibility:

The appliances offer deep visibility into network traffic and activities. This visibility is essential for monitoring and identifying potential security issues or unusual network behavior.

Deployment Flexibility:

Enterprises have the flexibility to deploy the FortiGate FG-100E-BDL-950-12 Hardware Firewall series appliances at different locations within their network infrastructure. This adaptability makes them suitable for use in campus networks or remote branch offices.


Depending on the specific model within the FortiGate FG-100E-BDL-950-12 Hardware Firewall series, these appliances can scale to accommodate the needs of mid-sized to large enterprises. This scalability ensures that they can handle the network traffic demands of growing organizations.

FortiGate FG-100E-BDL-950-12 Hardware Firewall

FortiGate FG-100E-BDL-950-12 Hardware Firewall

Invest in the FortiGate FG-100E-BDL-950-12 Hardware Firewall for unmatched security and performance.

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