Dahua DH-NVR4116H 16-channel 4TB network video recorder


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  • Model: Dahua DH-NVR4116H
  • Model Code: DH-NVR4116H
  • Recording Mode Options:
    • Real Time
    • Timelapse
    • Event
  • Video Inputs: 16
  • Hardware Solution: Yes
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Dahua DH-NVR4116H 16-channel 4TB network video recorder

Elevate your surveillance capabilities with the Dahua DH-NVR4116H 16-channel 4TB network video recorder, a cutting-edge 16-channel network video recorder designed to meet the demands of modern security systems. Dive into its features for real-time recording, versatile storage options, and advanced functionality.

Key Features:

1. Comprehensive Recording Modes:

  • Choose from various recording modes, including real-time, timelapse, and event-based, providing flexibility to suit your specific surveillance requirements.

2. 16 Video Inputs:

  • The Dahua DH-NVR4116H 16-channel 4TB network video recorder supports up to 16 video inputs, allowing you to create a robust and extensive surveillance network.

3. Inbuilt Multiplexer with Multiplexer Functions:

  • Benefit from an inbuilt multiplexer that handles recording, playback, and viewing functions seamlessly, streamlining your surveillance operations.

4. HDD Recording System with 4TB Storage Capacity:

  • Utilize the efficient HDD recording system with a generous 4TB storage capacity, ensuring ample space for storing critical surveillance footage.

5. Secondary Storage via USB:

  • Enhance your storage options with secondary storage support via USB, providing additional flexibility for data backup.

6. High Resolution and PTZ Control:

  • Enjoy high-resolution video with a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080. The PTZ control feature adds versatility to your surveillance system.

7. Audio Recording Properties:

  • Capture audio details with RCA audio recording properties, enhancing the overall monitoring capabilities.

8. Intelligent Video Motion Detection:

  • Benefit from video motion detection, alerting you to potential security threats and ensuring a proactive response.

9. Multiple Client Support and Operating System:

  • Facilitate collaboration with multiple client support while operating on an Embedded LINUX system for stability and reliability.

10. Additional Features:

  • Explore additional features such as a max 80Mbps incoming bandwidth, H.264/MJPEG dual codec decoding, HDMI/VGA simultaneous video output, and 3D intelligent positioning with Dahua PTZ cameras.

11. Operating Conditions:

  • The Dahua DH-NVR4116H is designed to operate efficiently in temperatures ranging from -10 to +55 degrees Celsius, with humidity levels between 10% and 90%.
Dahua DH-NVR4116H 16-channel 4TB network video recorder

Dahua DH-NVR4116H 16-channel 4TB network video recorder

Invest in a state-of-the-art surveillance solution with the Dahua DH-NVR4116H 16-channel 4TB network video recorder. With advanced features and reliable performance, this network video recorder is an essential component for safeguarding your premises. Upgrade your security infrastructure today for peace of mind tomorrow.

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