CISCO 831 Router


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Condition : Used/Refurbished

  • Part of the Cisco 800 Series Ethernet Routers.
  • RAM: 64 MB (installed) / 80 MB (max)
  • Flash Memory: 12 MB (installed) / 24 MB (max)

Cisco 831 Router: Secure and Reliable Networking

🌐 Introducing the Cisco 831 Ethernet Router

The Cisco 831 Ethernet Router, available in a used/refurbished condition, is a part of the esteemed Cisco 800 Series Ethernet Routers. If you’re in need of a dependable network solution, this router offers the features you require.

Authentication Methods:

  • 🛡️ Security First: The router supports two essential authentication methods – CHAP and PAP. Your network’s security is ensured through these robust protocols.


  • 🧠 Sufficient Memory: With 64 MB of RAM (upgradable to 80 MB) and 12 MB of Flash Memory (expandable to 24 MB), the Cisco 831 Router provides ample memory for smooth network operations.

Encryption Algorithm:

  • 🔐 Data Security: The router implements DES (Data Encryption Standard) and Triple DES for data encryption, enhancing data security for your network.

The Cisco  Router, a proud member of the Cisco 800 Series Ethernet Routers, is your reliable networking companion. It boasts robust security features and ample memory to handle your network demands.

Authentication Methods for Enhanced Security

Security is paramount in the networking world, and the Cisco 831 Router takes it seriously. It supports both CHAP and PAP authentication methods, ensuring that your network remains safe from unauthorized access and data breaches.

Plenty of Memory for Efficient Operations

With 64 MB of RAM (expandable to 80 MB) and 12 MB of Flash Memory (upgradable to 24 MB), this router offers the resources your network needs for efficient performance. Network operations, data handling, and applications will run smoothly with these memory specifications.

Data Encryption for Added Security

Your data’s security is crucial, and the Cisco 831 Router addresses this concern by implementing DES (Data Encryption Standard) and Triple DES. These encryption algorithms protect your data from prying eyes and unauthorized access, making it an ideal choice for sensitive information.

CISCO 831 Router | Cisco Router

       CISCO 831 Router | Cisco Router

When it comes to secure and reliable networking, the Cisco 831 Ethernet Router is a trusted solution. Whether you’re in a small office or a larger network environment, this cisco router ensures your data is safeguarded and your operations run smoothly.

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