3.84TB SAS 12G 2.5inch Internal Solid State Drive SSD

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  • Model Number: New 3.84TB SAS 12G 2.5inch Internal Solid State Drive SSD 02PX542 384TB SSD
  • Drive Capacity: 3.84TB
  • Drive Type: SSD (Solid State Drive)
  • Interface Type: SAS
  • Interface Rate: 12G
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Unleash the Power of Performance with the New 3.84TB SAS 12G 2.5inch Internal Solid State Drive SSD

Upgrade your storage capabilities and experience a new level of speed and reliability with the revolutionary 3.84TB SAS 12G 2.5inch Internal Solid State Drive SSD. This cutting-edge solid-state drive is engineered to meet the demands of modern data-intensive applications, providing lightning-fast access to your critical data.

Key Features:

  • Massive 3.84TB Storage Capacity: Elevate your storage infrastructure with an impressive 3.84TB capacity. Whether you’re dealing with extensive databases, high-resolution media, or complex applications, this SSD provides the ample space your system needs.
  • High-Speed SAS Interface at 12G: The SAS interface, operating at an impressive 12 gigabits per second, ensures rapid data transfer and responsiveness. Enjoy reduced latency and accelerated performance, making this SSD ideal for applications requiring quick access to large datasets.
  • 2.5-Inch Form Factor: The 2.5-inch form factor offers a space-efficient design, making it suitable for a variety of server and storage configurations. This compact size allows for flexible deployment, even in environments with limited space.

Applications and Workloads:

The 3.84TB SAS 12G 2.5inch Internal Solid State Drive SSD is designed to excel in a variety of applications and workloads, including:

  • Data Centers: Optimize data center performance with the high capacity and speed of this SSD.
  • Enterprise Servers: Enhance the speed and reliability of your enterprise servers, ensuring seamless operations.
  • Storage Arrays: Integrate the SSD into storage arrays for improved storage efficiency and accelerated data access.

Seamless Integration:

Designed for easy integration, this SSD ensures compatibility with a wide range of systems. The straightforward setup and configuration make it an excellent choice for IT professionals seeking a smooth storage upgrade.

Reliability and Durability:

Built with reliability in mind, the 3.84TB SAS 12G SSD delivers consistent performance even in demanding environments. The absence of moving parts enhances durability, reducing the risk of mechanical failure.

3.84TB SAS 12G 2.5inch Internal Solid State Drive SSD

3.84TB SAS 12G 2.5inch Internal Solid State Drive SSD

Elevate Your Storage Infrastructure:

Transform your storage infrastructure and embrace the future of data storage technology with the 3.84TB SAS 12G 2.5-Inch Internal SSD. Upgrade to unparalleled speed, capacity, and reliability, ensuring your data is always at your fingertips. Elevate your storage strategy with this advanced SAS SSD solution.

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