2TB 6G SAS 7.2K rpm LFF 3.5-inch SC

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  • Model Number: 652757-B21
  • Drive Capacity: 2TB
  • Drive Type: HDD
  • Interface Type: SAS
  • Interface Rate: 6Gb/sec
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Upgrade Your Server Storage with the 2TB 6G SAS 7.2K rpm LFF 3.5-inch SC

Elevate your server’s storage capabilities with the high-performance 2TB 6G SAS 7.2K rpm LFF 3.5-inch SC, model number 652757-B21. This internal hard drive is meticulously designed to provide reliable and efficient storage solutions for your server infrastructure.

Key Features:

  • Generous 2TB Storage Capacity: 2TB 6G SAS 7.2K rpm LFF 3.5-inch SC Unlock vast storage potential with a generous 2TB capacity, catering to the increasing demands of data-intensive applications, databases, and mission-critical workloads. This substantial storage space ensures you have room to grow and accommodate your expanding data needs.
  • High-Speed SAS Interface: The 6Gb/sec SAS interface delivers exceptional data transfer rates, optimizing your server’s performance. Experience faster access to your data, reduced latency, and seamless operation for applications that require quick and reliable storage.
  • Rapid 7.2K RPM Rotation Speed: The 7,200 rotations per minute (RPM) rotation speed ensures swift data access, making this hard drive well-suited for a variety of applications. Enjoy improved read and write speeds, enhancing the overall responsiveness of your server.
  • Large Form Factor (LFF) Design: With a 3.5-inch Large Form Factor, this hard drive is designed to seamlessly fit into standard server configurations. The LFF design ensures compatibility with a wide range of servers, making it an ideal choice for diverse IT environments.
  • Versatility in Application: Suitable for a variety of applications, this SAS HDD is a versatile solution for your storage needs. From everyday business operations to demanding enterprise tasks, this hard drive is built to perform reliably in diverse scenarios.

Seamless Integration:

Designed for straightforward integration, the 2TB 6G SAS 7.2K RPM LFF 3.5-Inch SC HDD (652757-B21) is compatible with a range of servers. Whether you’re upgrading existing storage or expanding capacity, this hard drive ensures a hassle-free installation process.

Upgrade Your Server Storage:

Enhance your server’s storage infrastructure with the 2TB 6G SAS 7.2K RPM LFF 3.5-Inch SC Hard Disk Drive (652757-B21). Enjoy the benefits of increased storage capacity, high-speed data access, and reliability. Upgrade today for improved server performance and storage efficiency.

2TB 6G SAS 7.2K rpm LFF 3.5-inch SC

   2TB 6G SAS 7.2K rpm LFF 3.5-inch SC

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